April 17th, 2009


Selective coloring question

So, the tutorials around here have gotten me thoroughly intrigued by selective coloring. However, I am merely a Gimp user, bereft of proper piracy. I tried answering this question myself, but according to the Internets selective coloring is that tacky thing you to to make someone's lips red in a black and white picture.

So... how does a Gimp user do selective coloring? I want to play with insanely complicated color settings too. D:

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Icon Tutorial #8 feat. access

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 6
Translatable: No
PSD: Yeah
It works best with nice, simple images that don't have too much detail and that have yellows, greens and reds but This coloring isn't good with icons with a lot of reds (like backgrounds)

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More Examples:

POTC - Captain Jack - Pirate

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anime/manga coloring? texture question.

i've recently stumbled back into the animanga fandom and was wondering if anyone had any tutorials they'd like to recommend.

+how to color black and white scans
+how to enhance the color on a colored page
+how to enhance the color on an anime screencap
+and anything else you deem worthy

i have no particular coloring i'm after so that's why i'm hoping for some recommendations
--hope this is not too general that it breaks the rules ^^;

also, is there a texture that results in a white outline/border/background behind an image? i've been wondering about this for the longest time. is it textures or a specific technique? either way, please enlighten me.
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