April 18th, 2009

Doctor Who/Torchwood

Tutorial #4: Header with Gossip Girls & D. Grayman

Tutorial #4: Header with Gossip Girls & D. Grayman

Well, its been quite a while since I have updated...the last time I posted was in November. Sorry to make you wait so long (I was suffering from a long, LONG creative block) but I am now back! I have part of a batch waiting to be posted but it will be a while before its done. Until than, I have a tutorial! ♥


I need to know if the tutorial is usable~

Tools Used: Photoshop CS4
Translatable: No (yes if you exclude all the Selective Coloring)
Difficultly Level: Moderate

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narnia: [lucy] blue texture

Fill Layers

Does anyone know where I might find a tutorial or guide on the effects of solid fill layers? Such as, I know what they are, but I want to see the effects that most colors make and also what what setting. Such as, what would yellow on Overlay look like, or blue on Darken?

Things like like that, so if you could help, it would be muchly appreciated.