April 21st, 2009

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In an icon with a only a persons body against a plain color or a texture how do you make it so the edges of the body aren't harsh and jagged from where you cropped out their surroundings? I tried selecting the parts with my little lasso tool and going selections > modify > smooth, but it's just not working for me.

I'm using PSP8 and sorry for the lack of an example. I couldn't find one. ):

Icon Tutorial #9 feat. Kinya Kotani

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 6 (short)
Translatable: No :'(
PSD: Yes
Works best with images with yellows and reds but not with bright red backgrounds. Also, carefull that your subjects hair (if you're using a person) isnt almost the same dark red/orange as your subjects skin or that it doesn't blend too much. Like my 3rd example. It's not bad but it can be worse. Collapse )

More Examples:

Color Altering Icon Tutorial

Program: Photoshop CS4
Difficulty: Easy
Steps: 13
Translatable: No

This is my first post on the community. So, hello, hello.

Down to business: This is a color altering tutorial that can be used for any picture that looks dull, bleak, and could use some touching up. So, if you would like, come ahead and use it. We're creating an image that will go:

From this: Photobucket to this: Photobucket

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