April 23rd, 2009

Pokemon → Kotone [working]

long time, no tut.

icon tutorial #3 // Make Revolution;

going from:

(i realise i look like i'm jumping onto the J-music colouring tutorials bandwagon, but i'll stop marveling at them when they stop being so painfully pretty.)

program: Photoshop CS2
difficulty: easy
translatable?: uses selective colouring, so i doubt it.
steps: 4 (and a half, including texture)
PSD: why yes!

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variation examples;
HP - Shiny Luna
  • elleaf


Hi! Does anybody know if it's possible to open a .ai file [a vector from adobe illustrator] in Ps CS3, keeping it a vector. Because if I open the vector, Ps rasterizes it and I can't change the size of the file without losing quality.
Taylor. color me happy

New Tutorial: Taylor Swift

Woot, I'm on a roll ^o^
Anywho, I amd this the other day and thought it was pretty good..

{x} Made in Photoshop CS4.
{x} Translatable: selective coloring and levels
{x} Difficulty: Medium... Need to know your way around the program
{x} Steps: 3
{x} Comments are appreciated.

From This:
To This:

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