April 26th, 2009

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Opening .GIF as layers

I use Video Avatar to make animations and I used to use GIMP to edit them. When I opened any .gif in GIMP, it would open each individual frame as a layer. Now on my new computer I have PSCS4 and .gifs open as one layer. Is there any way in PSCS4 to open a .gif as layers for each frame?

Sorry if this sounds weird, I couldn't figure out how to word it. Thanks in advance!


I have a problem with photoshop, I looked through the mems but cudnt find it, I'm sorry if this has already been posted

I was using it, and then suddenly I couldnt click anything or use any of the tools

this hand thing comes instead of the clicker

help anyone??



how do I make my icons look like these?

I use photoshop cs3

Is there any tutorial that would help me make my icons look similar to these?
I thought I would ask cause you guys do such great tutorials.
If so thanks!