April 30th, 2009


Photoshop/Gimp issue

So, yesterday I was futzing around with Photoshop for the very first time, and noticed that whenever I saved a psd as a png or jpg, I could never open it in Photoshop again. It said it had an invalid something or other (an invalid png marker or something?).

So I noticed eventually that whenever I opened a picture that I had previously edited in Photoshop in Gimp or even just in Preview, it lost a lot of the coloring. Even if I took a screen grab of the picture, it still somehow lost coloring. This makes me think it's an issue with photoshop itself, and not my computer.

That said, my computer doesn't like pngs either. For some reason when I open them in Preview they have an annoying reddish tinge.

Halp? I don't know how to change settings on my Photoshop. D: