May 2nd, 2009

Tutorial #2 ~ Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling

Decided to make a new tutorial, I hope you guys like it.

Make this  into     
Using Photoshop 6.0. Includes selective coloring and curves layers.

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More examples ~

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asimpson; bittersweet

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hi everyone, first time posting here. i'm in need of some help.

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how do you get this swirly wrap-around effect (the thing around the person)? or is it a texture?
i am also confused on how to get the sun vector effect, especially how the original maker of this was able to put different textures onto the vector.

thank you in advanced!

eta: sorry, i forgot to say i use photoshop cs2

Dylan o&#39;Brien

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ok well i downloaded some layouts and nex texts so that i can hopefully re gain my interest in photoshop again.
but i cant figure out where they go. (before when i used it, it was for basic photo manips, so i didnt need and textures ect, but now i wanna make icons and wallpapers ect. and i cant find the folder there supposed to go in)
one set is in  layouts are in asl format and the fonts are in true type file font.  :s

my OS is vista home.
help would be greatly appreaciated and yes im aware, that this has got to be the most noobest question to ever grace the board!
Miley Cyrus

Confused...again :/

Once again, I use Animation Shop 3 (along with Photoshop Elements 5) and I have been working on making animated icons since yesterday and I have gotten the hang of it but when I save them they turn out REALLY pixil-y and I don't like it *blech* Does anyone know how I can make it not look like this?

Thanks in advance :]