May 4th, 2009

Coloring Tuts a coloring tutorial community

Thank you very much to etoilepb for letting me break the rules this one and only time to post this :D

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The goal at coloringtuts is to allow the users of lj to post their coloring tutorials. This community also acts as a resource community for icon makers who are looking for a certain coloring for their graphics, as we archive all colorings posted at the end of each month. Membership is open and will remain open. Posting is open to all MEMBERS, so anyone who has a tutorial to post feel free to join and post it. Entries are also open as well and posts will be moderated for the time being. Remember to please read the rules before posting and have fun :)

Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

CS 3 tutorial

Created in CS3
Easy to medium difficulty
Could be translatable? Has anyone worked the selective colouring issue around with PSP?

For more questions and answers about this tutorial, feel free to see the original post at my icon comm here. I'm also taking requests for other tutorials there, and am open to answering any number of questions, if there are any, regarding any of the steps or other tutorials I've done (which can be seen here).

From to

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sara; glasses

Twilight banner tutorial

How to go from:
Photobucket to Photobucket
Program: Photoshop 7.0
Difficulty: Easy
Translatable: No, sorry.
NOTE: This tutorial includes the use of Selective Coloring. I wouldn't have used it if it hadn't been absolutely necessary, but in this case it happened to be.

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