May 10th, 2009

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GIMP Issue.

Currently, I am using GIMP 2.6. I've been using it for the past week or two, and it's been running smoothly. Then today, I tried to open the "Hue-Saturation" under the COLOR tab, and every time I do, the program stops working and shuts down. I've even restarted my computer just in case it was an issue with my computer, but that didn't help. Is it an issue with the software or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
HBO's Game of Thrones; Sansa red

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From to to

Program: Paint Shop Pro X2
Involves: Channel Mixer, Fill Layers, Colour Balance, the Hue/Saturation tool
Translatable: To any program that has a channel mixer.
Difficulty: Easy. There's a lot of explanation.

This tutorial covers the colouring that I used for this icon, but also has a short (er, well, for me) section on how the channel mixer works, for people who aren't familiar or comfortable with that tool. These exact numbers probably won't work on every image (or, more likely, any other image but this one), but the basic technique should translate no problem.

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Amelie tutorial - vibrant reds & oranges

We're starting from and will get:
MADE IN Photoshop CS3
GOOD FOR screencaps or photos with a soft yellow shade // with brighter elemens but I guess it suits any kind of picture, you just have to change the settings depending on the one you're using

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Other examples:

PSD up for graps at my other journal, atoms_4peace.

Hope someone can help

Does anyone know any tutorials to do this effect to a photo? im doing a project and need to add a person to the photo and am trying to find a way to make them blend really well. thank you for any help!

Edit: Use both PSP and PS