May 11th, 2009


Joel & Clementine tutorial - eternalsunshine

(Wow, I'm really into making tutorials recently!)
From and to:

MADE IN Photoshop CS3
GOOD FOR duller- paler images preferably with one colour standing out.
PS: yes.

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Other example:

The psd file is @ atoms_4peace as usual.


I've been seeing this everywhere

It's like a really subtle graininess that looks like it should be really simple to do, but I just can't get it. It looks like it was a photo taken with a disposable camera or something.

See in the "Family Force 5" text and behind it? I need to know how to make that texture!
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Hey y'all! I was wondering how to achieve this:

<--is by oxoniensis

I can see some textures, but could someone maybe point me to a tutorial that explains how to get it similar to that, or at least maybe where I could find those kind(s) of textures? I use PS7.

Also, shameless here, but anyone know who the guy is in this:
is? <--is by trivalent

Thanks for the help! :)