May 12th, 2009

me made naruto - zabuza

Tutorial # 2 ~ Kurosaki Ichigo

Hey one more time !!
This has been an awesome "first" day on livejournal i've decided to write a second tutorial !
yes i think i've got the "tutorial fever" but hey, it's fun XD !

okay now we're gonna learn how to make this  into

Difficulty: Medium, or maybe easy?
Translatable: unfortunately no, selective coloring included ><"
Works best with: anime pictures with white backgrounds, but u could try your luck ^^
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solid color problem

it just started a while ago. it was fine when I opened it, but when i choose any color from the pallet, they all come out gray. i checked the right side, and it's in the H. when i open a new file, the color changes back to normal. but when i open a saved picture and/or a PSD, the color turns to gray. TAT

i use photoshop cs. help please...

ETA: solved! thanks to everyone!

solution: Image Mode was on Grayscale. Changed it to RGB. ^^;
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Blurry Text Help!


I'm trying to make some quote icons but for some reason, my text doesn't come out so crisp. It doesn't matter what kind of anti-alias I use, it still has that blurred edge. I use both Paint Shop Pro 9 and Photoshop CS4 Portable. Does anyone know how I can get it looking more crisp?