May 17th, 2009

Cropping people/characters out of images - Help?

Program: Photoshop CS3

I've always had trouble cropping/taking out people and objects from images to work with. This is a general example of the kind of results I'm looking for:

from this image.
(icon by imported)

What I usually do is try to erase (using the actual eraser tool) everything around the object/person I want to take out or isolate, but I always run into the same problem: As I get closer to the object, it becomes confusing as to what pixels are part of the background and which ones are part of the object's outline (general example).

I'm hoping there's an easier or more concise method for this kind of thing. I've looked through some related tutorials and guides, but I haven't found any that goes in-depth enough to help me. I would greatly appreciate any tips, tricks, or references to different techniques I can use, especially for extracting objects from more difficult backgrounds. Thank you in advance! :)
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Problems with brushes.

So, uh, I'm quite shocked over something that happened yesterday:
I have lots of brushes I made myself, but they disappeared all of a sudden. I just wanted to try out which other brushes photoshop offers, so I chose random ones. (Screencap under the cut) But now I can't restore my previous brushes. does anyone know what I'm talking about? Any help would be much, much appreciated. ♥

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I use PS7. Thank you!