May 21st, 2009


I am having some saving issues. In Photoshop cs3 for some reason when I save any presets it doesn't save where I expect it to.
Like when I make an action, or brush and save it, it saved to C:\Users\*********\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Actions. That’s not where I wanted it to be saved. I wanted it to saved in C:\adobe\Photoshop CS3/presets/action.

I don’t even get why its going to the appdata anyways. But the thing is, when I try to make it save in C:\adobe\Photoshop CS3/presets/action. It tells me I cannot because I do not have permission, but I do have permission because I’m the admin on my account or whatever. And when you go to load a brush/action/shape, etc. Nothing is there, because for some reason its bringing me to appdata, and all the presets are in C:\adobe\Photoshop CS3/presets

can someone please help me.

Photoshop actions

I was just downloading some actions, something I have never done before and wanted to try them in photoshop.

I followed a tutorial about "downloading actions" and one about "how to use actions". I did every step, so it should work, right? But it doesn't and I don't know why, so I'm trying to figure out what to do. Can someone help?

Here's a cropped screenshot. It looks like my play button is disabled. But why? How? And how can I get rid of it?

Problem solved :)

Thanks guys!

Icon_ i want to get this effect

hello u guys!how r u! im trying to learn AGAIN! how do this this effect

how everything is colorful on the back but then jared is in black and white! lol!this icon was made by me so I credit myself! lol  i did it a long time ago and i forgot to do the effect. Ive recentely begun to do icons again and i forgot to do this kind of ffect.

can some1 help me!?!?