May 29th, 2009

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I've just joined, though I've been lurking around this community for some time. I'm also really new at making graphics and I use Photoshop CS3.

I've been seeing a certain text effect lately and I was wondering if anyone knows how I can achieve it. I just love how it makes the text look 3-D.

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Thank you!

texture previews

I was wondering if any of you had a certain way to align all the images in your previews of textures or icons or whatever...


Up until now I've just been moving them about individually by hand but if there is a quicker or more accurate way out there, I'd like to know :)
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Photoshop CS3 Help

Hey ive recently been experiencing problems with Photoshop CS3. It saves in all formats successfully apart from PNG, whenever I click save as a PNG the whole program crashes and claims the program has encountered an error.

The Error signature says:
AppName: photoshop.exe AppVer: ModName: png.8bi
ModVer: Offset: 00001f44

please help?

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Dropper Tool For Texts.

Good evening!

I've been wondering about something for quite a while now and while I've done quite a bit of research - looking through the archive and checking out google -, I'm either completely blind or it's not easy to find. (It's probably the former, but we'll contribute that to my lack of PSP knowledge.)

I was wondering how you can get the dropper tool to work for text. I want to use a colour in my icon for the text I want to put on it, but the colour palette for text doesn't work with the dropper tool like, say, brushes do.

So, where can I find the dropper tool for text?

Much appreciated! ^^

Program: Paint Shop Pro 9.