May 30th, 2009

dai yama

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hi, i'm sora~
i was wondering how to make this kind of blinkies?

credits; Sparky Katty @ soompi
"baby" < how to make the effect? the looks-like-writting one,

credits; Sparky Katty
^"donghae" < the fading and when the green line comes up.

credits; Sparky Katty

and the gradient effect ^ ?

thank you so much for the help . ^^


Hi, I'm using Photoshop CS3 and have been trying to create a glowing effect for a specific object in an icon but I don't get any acceptable results. I've tried a lot of different paths to get the white part in the icon below to glow and now I'm at my wits end. There was a tutrial somewhere for this, maybe even on this comm and it had a vaguely similar icon to start with, where the white part glowed and then was somehow distorted. Unfortunately I can't find it again. Help? Ideas?


cropping a non square animation

Hi! I have 2 questions. Firstly, can anyone kindly explain to me how do I crop an animation to become a circle and any other fancy shape? I use jasc PSP 7 and animation shop 3.
I asked this question before in other community and I was told to use the select tool. But I couldn't find the select tool in animation shop so I assume I have to crop the animation file in psp? But psp can't open all the frames in the gif file, so I have to do it frame by frame is it?

The second question is how do I add a rounded border around my gif file to be something like this: ? Credit: 2carousel_icons 
thank you very much for answering my questions and ur help is greatly appreciated.
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help with imageready.

FIXED! Thank you to cutting_onions .

I use ImageReady 7.

I've been having this problem for years and just now acknowledged it.
All the animated icons and gifs i make in imageready seem to be sped up in firefox. (Like, insanely sped up).

And this is for only firefox.

A friend of mine fixed it for me in animation shop. This is what it's supposed to be. Not the one before it.
I have no problem with the first icon since i use Google Chrome, and I've checked it on Internet Explorer and it's what it's supposed to be.
The second one i thought would be slower in other browsers but it's just fine. It's how it's supposed to be. Not the first one.

So am i doing something wrong or is it just ImageReady or Firefox? I'm thinking it's something about the second delay. I just don't get how it's sped up in Firefox but not in other browsers.

Somebody help!
And if this post isn't allowed, tell me so i can delete it.