June 1st, 2009

prefect cutting?

Well i see everyone make icons with a different backround than the image and i try to many ways for my cutting to come perfect, I zoom in and use my lasso tool(s) but always fails they always end up really bad like cutting of the head etc. And learning the best way for me to cut with out cutting something off would be amazing. Ive added some exmaples just in case you need them (even though i dont you do lol) and also if you need to know what program i use it's photoshop cs4 extended.

the examples(if you need to see them, credit ullaa for the icons.)

thank you.

my drug ★ game

(no subject)

Here's the icon I've been trying to make for my LJ because New Moon > Twilight but the thing is.. It's too big for LJ to upload. I've played around with lowering the colors on the icon, however it just looks all grainy and disgusting once I get it below 40 kb. How can I make this look good without totally ruining the quality?

Anyone willing to help a girl figure this out?

[Edit:] Thanks for the help guys.
Castiel Wings

help please!

hi all. i seem to have developed a slight problem last night and i have no idea what i did or how to fix it. HELP!

ok, so everything works fine until i add a new fill layer>pattern over another image and then try to erase bits of the new pattern layer. i checked to make sure my capslock was off (as that seems to be the answer to many issues with photoshop haha) and tried starting fresh and i still can't erase any parts of pattern layers i add :( should i check some of those little boxes that appear at the top sometimes?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

(i use photoshop 7.0)