June 3rd, 2009

Icon Tutorial #10 feat. Shiyu

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 6 or 7
Translatable: Yes
PSD: yep!
Works best with icons that have reds or pinks that stand out or icons that don't have a really big amount of reds stuck together. Red backgrounds are a no-no cuz it'll blend in with the reds on the subject.

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More Results: (Shiyu again and Ryuuto from ClearVeil)

James Tiberius Kirk icon tutorial.

Difficulty: medium
Uses: selective coloring, channel mixer,hue/sat.
Program: PSCS3
Translatable?: actaully, i have no idea
PSD?: yep (: at my journal!

in this tutorial you will learn how to give Star Trek screencaps more depth and blue.

it works great on bright images!

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other examples:
Dropped My Brain

Tutorial Hunting

I know I've seen this somewhere, I made an icon with it... but for the life of me I can't find it again and I've been back to the beginning of the year here. Does anyone know where I can find the tutorial to make this:

[##] - Human_FashionLove

Coloring - Jack O'Connell

~ made in PS CS2
~ not sharable
~ including Selective Color, Curves, Levels & Color Balance
~ Zip-File Download included [Preview, PSD & "Step-by-Step" Editor-File]

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get the .PSD over ..:: HERE ::..
PLEASE leave a comment over there if you take this. it only takes a minute and makes me really happy *wink* THANKS

Pokemon - BW Girl

Photoshop CS4 Tools Don't Work

My tools aren't working! It was working fine earlier today but when I opened it a few minutes ago, none of the tools were working. It would just show the hand tool & I tried clicking various other tools to see if they worked but none of them did. I looked through the memories & tried to find some help, but the ones I saw with this problem didn't work for me :/ Helppp?