June 4th, 2009

Beyonce Countdown vid

Tutorial | Natural Coloring

From this:  to this:

.:Program:. PS CS2
.:Translatable?:. No
.:Includes:. Curves, Selective Coloring, Color Balance, Channel Mixer, Brightness/Contrast

.:Other Examples:.

Please direct all comments to the original post here where the psd could be downloaded and more examples could be found

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Aural Vampire: Exo-chika → elegant

Text missing in PSCS3?

I was working on an icon few days ago and there were no issues. But today, when I was going to make another one, the font doesn't show (I think that black font on white bg would show) and when I use the highest pt possible, it's all blurry even with sharp/crisp status. I have restarted my photoshop, I have restarted my computer and it won't work.
Any ideas?