June 7th, 2009

  • mavray

I'm not sure if this is allowed…

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I'm going to attempt to ask anyway. Haha.

How do I save an image in Adobe ImageReady CS so it's under the KB limit for icons on LJ?
Erm, I probably phrased that incorrectly…

Well anyway, this is the image I'm trying to upload:

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


P.S, my ImageReady is in French, but I think I can work around that…

Round edges(SOLVED)

Hello u guys ive just did my round edges to this banner!im having a problem though!

when i put save it obviously the background its transparent

but this is when it comes out on a black background

see the white edges how can i get rid of this? im using Photoshop cs3!:0)

 SOLVED saved it as a PNG!!!:0)

Stock: Key; Castle Keys

(no subject)

I was recently on DA looking for some different actions and I came across this one. I was so excited because, that is an awesome action. However, when I clicked on it, I realized that this person wants you to pay for this action. I am sorry, but I am not paying for something like that. Ridiculous.

So, does anyone know how to achieve this?



I just started using GIMP and I'm kind of confused. I can't figure out how to flatten my icon. The flatten option is supposed to be under the "image" drop down menu but for some reason I can't access that menu! I can access all the others but when I click on that menu nothing happens!