June 9th, 2009

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Icon help

Hi there. I wanted to know how to make this icon.
I have PS 7 and PSP 8.
I found this icon under a tutorial list post by mia_eileen in icon_extras 
However, the person who made the icon and the tutorial deleted their journal.
I would really appreciate any help you can give me! :)


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Hey all.

I've recently canceled a paid account with yahoo websites, and have had to find alternative means for image hosting--photobucket. I noticed that when I upload my icons to photobucket, it zaps the quality out of them (mainly sucking out a lot of the color, making the icons much less vibrant). I know it's not file compression, because I've always saved as .png for years and the images haven't lost quality. I'm currently using Photoshop CS4. The same has happened with direct upload to LJ. Here are a couple which have lost a noticeable amount of color:

So, does anybody know where I can host my files without having the color sucked out? Anyone else have this problem? I'd really appreciate any help. It's so annoying! :)

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Photoshop CS4
Simple, mostly fill layers.
7/9 steps

Please post all comments and questions over here, as it would making replying to you alot easier.

This was requested over in coloring_help , i stalk it, and roserascal wanted to know how to get this coloring. And i thought someone else may find the coloring useful, so here you go.
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