June 20th, 2009


Animation help???

I'm trying to make this icon to fit LJ and I'm having a difficult time sizing it down. It's at 91K which for only 16 frames seems a lot. I don't want to delete any more frames because then it'll make it look a bit freaky. I've already deleted several, it having more than 50 frames to start with.

What else can I do to fit it to LJ standards? I just wish they'd give us more than 40K to work with.

Anyone who can help, I'd be entirely grateful.


Oh, I use PSP8 & Animation 3!


So I didn't find a picture of the examples I needed, but I've seen them before.
But things such as sunstrokes and light fixtures are cool. I was wondering if theres any tutorials for light beams
or bubbles... Anything of the sort. More visible things like the scratch effect on pictures.
I don't know the correct terms but anything would help loads. Thanks so much :) I use CS3
rob water for elephants lean on elbow

TWO Paint Shop Pro 7.0 problems. Suggestions?

Hey guys, So lately, my PSP has been acting up. It started out of nowhere, and I've tried restoring my computer to an earlier date, but it doesn't change anything. For some reason, whenever I go to my layers pallet and either move the layers around, or sometimes just click to adjust them, I'll get a square that pops up (white or yellow), and the whole program will freeze and I have to CTRL + ALT + DLT to get out of it.
Also, everytime I go to click on my color palet w/paint bucket, it will X it out, and I have to click it, go to full color, then repick the color. I've tried to "Lock" it, but it doesn't change.
Here's the examples:

Anyone know how to get it to stop? Thanks in advance.