June 24th, 2009

Wayne Rooney Banner Tutorial

So I'm back after a little while a banner tutorial! We will be making this:

Translatable: There's an important Selective Color that I suppose you can skip, but I'm not sure what it will look like without it
Image-heavy: Yes, but images will be hosted on imageshack as thumbnails
Program: Photoshop CS4
Techniques: Using textures, text, and layer modes
PSD: I decided to upload it, but I think that it would be really beneficial that you use both the psd and the tutorial as guides. I'll explain techniques in the tutorial and you can see how I applied them in the psd. The psd took a long time to upload so say thanks. :p

NOTE: I will NOT be posting adjustment layer settings as pictures this time because that also takes a really long time. However, if someone feels that was helpful, feel free to ask me to edit it and I will.
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Victory Tour Sexy

Mini movie question???

sorry to bring up another question on animations... i recently got have animation shop 3. i been looking everywhere how to create mini movie icon tutorial in animation shop 3 program. most of them what i see are imageready and imageready all over the places. i did create one with fade effect.. I been having a really hard time figure out how to set the mini movie and so on.. I don't have PSP.. just Animation Shop 3..

Here is example i like to learn... Thanks!
 made by _fakechucks 

I just want to learn simple mini movie animation with nothing fancy with textures and so on.. Thanks again!
I even try his tutorial and i couldn't understand it..

Victory Tour Sexy

Slow to Normal Speed animation?

OK OK OK... I FINALLY got it to animation... i actually use the video to convert into file where i could open a video in animation shop 3. I like what i had.. i just practice with it and playing with it. When i got it on the web, it was slower than normal speed in the animation shop? is there anyway to fix it to make it normal speed on the web (internet) please? Here is example-

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