June 25th, 2009

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Mod Post: Tutorial Content

Hi gang,

I would like to renew everyone's acquaintance with the content rules.

A WHOLE LOT of you have gotten this message from me in the last week or two:

Tutorials need to be "how" and "why" centric, and not just recipes.


Unfortunately, even several posters who have been reminded of this still don't quite seem to know what that means. So let me clarify.

A how-centric tutorial would be one that really explains a process. Instead of saying, "crop your image," a how-centric tutorial would say, "The crop tool is the one that looks like this [image]. You can give it a certain setting by putting in a fixed ratio here [image]," and so on.

A why-centric tutorial would be one that gives you detailed reasons for doing things. Instead of saying, "crop your image," a why-centric tutorial would say, "Even though the maximum image size that LJ allows for icons is 100x100 pixels, this is actually going to be 'widescreen'. So we're going to use the crop tool to bring it down to 80x100."

A true tutorial is both how- and why- focused. We are here so people can learn about graphics programs and how to create graphics (not just icons). We are not here so people can learn a sequence of numbers to use with a single tool in a single program.

Kindly consider yourselves reminded.


[ETA August 2009]: Many people ask for an example of a good tutorial. Now I have one. You should be striving to be this thorough.[/ETA]

(no subject)

We will be making this:
(sorry, I know he plays for Real Madrid but I made this before he transferred, ManU fans.)
Translatable: Yes!
Difficulty: Very, very easy and I mean that
Program: Photoshop CS4
PSD: I promise this is very easy, so no.
Steps: 8! Can you believe it?!
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First icon / help animating text

Hi All,

I'm working on my first icon project, a still image with animated text. Here are a couple of draft images that I've worked up, and if you want to know all the details here is the post about it on my journal.

Yet to be done...

I'm thinking of playing with the size and color of individual words to suggest the same emphasis that is present in the song. As far as animating it, I could keep it simple and just have one full phrase fade into the next, but what I really want to do is fade each word in and then out and, ideally, time the fades to the tempo of the phrases in the song.

If anyone has any suggestions for tweaking any of this, I'd be happy for the feedback. Also, if anyone knows of any really good, detailed tutorials for doing what I just described in GIMP with GAP, I would be eternally grateful for any linkage you might be able to provide.


Cross-posted to gimp_users and icon_tutorial .
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New Tutorial: KStew @ MTV Awards

Yay, a new shineh Tutorial!
This tutorial has two results, one with a lighter, pinker color, the other a brighter, brown toned color..

From This: To This: Or This:

Program: Photoshop CS4
Translatable: Includes selective coloring, curves, levels
Difficulty: Mediumish
Steps: 6

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Other results using this process:
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(no subject)

I have a question that doesn't involve the current trends of muted coloring and/or selective coloring, but it is about coloring all the same. I can't ask this in the other community (of which the name stupidly enough currently escapes me, help me?) because I don't really have any specific samples.

How can I achieve a color normalization technique that more or less, works on most caps (not too blue, orange and etc)/photoshoots? For granted, the current muted colorings works very well on that score, but it's not what I'm after. What I want, is to give my bases an 'uniform' look, while being bright and crisp. Recap : I'm lookin for tips on how to achieve an uniform coloring that works on most caps/pics, which should be crisp and bright.

Not really looking at selective coloring based suggestions, because no matter how much I try, I still can't grasp the concept. That having been said, has anyone seen a 'selective coloring tut for dummies' out there? A tut that really, really dumbs it down for us scatterbrained and flighty icon makers?

Ack, damn, I knew I forgot something. I use PSC3.

Thanks for looking at this. :)

Tutorial 001: King Arthur Set One

Welcome to my first tutorial for my resource account! In this tutorial I am going to be working with King Arthur screencaps thank to laes112 from dj_capslock
We'll be making this:

Not Transferable, uses Selective Coloring, Curves, and Gradient Maps

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Other Examples:

All of these bases used can be found in my journal.

When you credit make sure that you link back.
Credit by ricemeansnice
Please comment if you use here.
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(no subject)

Hello all. I'm sorry to ask such a common question, but I've been trying to get my font to have an outline like this icon made bysweetphaex 

But it always comes out looking a bit odd. Or am I just being too critical?

My attempt -

I did the whole modify>expand>invert and delete the black background, and I use PSP X. Any help would be very much appreciated, this has been frustrating me for a long time.