June 26th, 2009


animated icon tutorial

For my first tutorial we are going to make an animated icon! We are going to go from:
Program: Adobe ImageReady CS
Translatable: To other versions of ImageReady? Yes . I don't know about other programs
Difficulty: Not as hard as it looks
Steps: 7, but they may take a while to complete. More if you don't know how to make a gif.
Notes: All textures used are from [CG Textures]
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sookie smile

Tutorial 002: True Blood

OK, let me tell you a bit about this coloring, it's a bit tricky, you have to have the right kind of picture to do this. I found that Sookie delivered the best coloring for this icon, perhaps because of her blonde hair, and pale skin, but I was able to achieve it with Lafayette...Oh well. But this isn't to discourage you, so let's begin.
But this is what we're making:

Non Transfereable, includes Curves, Color Balance, Selective Coloring

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Credit by ricemeansnice
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