June 27th, 2009

Sora & Riku, Kingdom Hearts

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1-10.png image by disenchanted866 >> 2-7.png image by disenchanted866
Note: This tutorial works best for images with the main focus
moved to one side and with a reasonably light bg on the other .
Translatable: Has one Selective Colouring layer, but it can be avoided if wanted
Number of Steps: 9-10
Uses: Colour Fills, Selective colouring layer, and textures
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Using: Adobe photoshop 7 I tried to thoroughly explain it along with some screenshots,
so this tut should be understandable to even beginners

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Other results:</div></div>
4-5.png image by disenchanted866 3-8.png image by disenchanted866

I would appreciate it if all comments were posted here @ the original post :)


I think i didnt posted this questions here...

1st - I downloaded Animation Shop 3, can someone tell me how can i change the color or add textures after doing the animation? Or is it possible just before the animation?

2nd - On my Paint Shop Pro X2 appears too many times the files part see: how can i make them go?

EDIT: Did this: How can i change the color, add textures ... ?

Tutorials :)

Does anyone have an tutorials on things like beams, textures, blur effects, lens flares, making blends, or rendering?
Anything of that sort really for normal sized pictures. Not icons. I've looked on the community and haven't been able to find much. :/

Icon Tutorial #6 by JE

I won Mod's Invitation over at severalplums again and did a tutorial for the icon.

We're going
from to

This tutorial features a gradient map and textures. The icon was made with Photoshop CS3 in 5 steps.

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Additionally, I recently posted a 23 page document where I typed up and translated notes I took from a German book on PS7. It's filled with short cuts, little tips and explanation what certain tools do.
You can either read it online at Google Docs or download it as a .doc or .pdf here
Victory Tour Sexy

How to get under 40k?

hello... i figure out how to have it normal speed with removing quite of frames and resizing and so on.. I used Animation Shop 3 program.

But when i upload it to the userpic on LJ, it tell me that my gif avatar is too big to upload.. Here is my animation avatar.. Anyone know what went wrong? Or any suggestion how to fix it? I did look through memories and entries and i don't see anything how to fix it..  Thanks for your time..

hg boots

lightening ridiculously dark images

tonight we're gonna take this screencap of shane and jenny

and turn it into a workable pic for iconizing.

program: GIMP and neatimage
translatable: yes
difficulty: super easy
note: you will need an awesome program called neat image, it's free and i've got a link for it in here. it's amazing for cleaning up caps and i never work without it.

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