July 1st, 2009

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Sometimes my Photoshop doesn't copy images. Erm no I don't know how to describe it.
When I copy a picture from the Internet, and then go edit paste it doesn't paste, it pastes the image that was previously copied. But I know the picture's copied as it'll paste in other programs.
Anyone know how to fix this without having to restart Photoshop?
Thanks :)
Erik Hassle

Getting caps

Hello I have PSE 6 with a Mac and the way I've been trying to make gifs is file>import>frame from video and I've been manually moving the cursor over little by little and grabbing each frame separately. Is there any way so that the program, or another program, will grab those frames for me with a fixed frame timing like it will grab every frame 0.2 seconds? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Erik Hassle

Good capture program for mac

Ok, so what I've been doing is trying to find a decent free screen capping program FOR MACS where I can capture frame by frame images of my clips so that I can make animation gifs out of them. What I've been doing is just taking images and pasting them onto each other as layers with PSE 6 and saving them as animations. I've been using Final Cut to export image sequences but for a nice smooth animation, it seems like I have to capture 25 frames per second and that is A LOT of images to work with for a clip that is a few seconds long. How do I get my clip into images where my animation comes out smoothly without hundreds of layers? Sorry if this has been already asked but I've searched the tags and archive and can't find the solution. Thank you!

If you don't understand what I'm asking, please just tell me how to get the screen caps of a clip with a program for Macs, that when I put together in PSE 6 and animate will come out smoothly as an animation gif. Please help, getting desperate!