July 4th, 2009

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How to paste animation into the base?

Hello .. i been figuring it out how to have it under 40K for LJ icons.. as you can see on my default icon, I am so happy!!! Now my question is this- How do i paste the animation to the base icon? I looked through the memories and entires and i don't see the answer i am looking for. I thought i saw entries about it and i couldn't find it. Could you help me please? Thanks for your time!!

By the way,  I used Animation shop 3 and PS Elements 5.0.

Happy 4th of July everyone!
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Brandon Flowers colouring tutorial


Program: Photoshop CS4
Translatable: No (selective colouring)
Difficulty: Fairly Simple
Steps: 11
PSD: Yes
Note: Bare with me, this is my first tutorial.

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Other Examples

PSD is located here at kingsguard.
And it would be appreciated if any comments/questions were also made to that post.

Landon Donovan Banner Tutorial

We will be making this:

Translatable: Well, there's one important Exposure layer and if anyone can think of an equivalent to that, then yes, it is translatable. Exposure is only available in CS2 and up.
Program: Photoshop CS4
Difficulty: Medium
Image-heavy: A lot of textures but they're big so they'll be posted as thumbnails

Be warned that this tutorial is long but you can check it out under the cut.
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You BRAVE little soldier.

Salute to HP5

Today we'll go from:

this to this

Program: Photoshop CS2
Difficulty: Medium, if you're not used to Curves, easy if so.
Steps: 5

- This tutorial is very image-friendly, meaning that it works well with most images. If not with just the base layer, you can duplicate it and set it to screen and adjust it as fit.

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More examples :)
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yet another question about saving animations in IR

And yeah, please don't decide to skip the entry just now . . . ;-)

I made my first animated icon today, after playing some with sidebar animations. Therefore, the whole process of coloring and animating isn't my problem. But, I'm facing the 40k limit for the first time, and the size of my icon is way to big. The original version has 160k, and even after fidling around with optimize options and taking out some frames, I can only get it down to around 100k before it reaches a level of suckage (grainy and/or jolting) that's not worth saving anymore. *headdesk*

Any ideas on what else to try?
Does it matter which file format the original caps have? I capped them as .pngs, would it help if I batch-converted to .jpg before making the animation? What is your favorite option when capping for animations, regarding the frames? I used to set it to capping every 4th frame . . . Too much for animated icons?

Also, I dunno if you'll need to see it, but the icon in question would be Collapse )

Thanks in advance!!