July 7th, 2009

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Tell me I'm crazy. [help with animation]

See THIS animation?

Perfect timing, almost right?

Now, look at THIS.

Way less awesome, right?

The latter is mine.

I used the same technique as the first animation (0.07 seconds) and I used one frame for each movement, and it moved even faster so I duplicated each frame and it's still not as awesome as the first. What's the issue? Is it the moment you are animating or the amount of frames you use? My timing for animated icons has always been hit and miss, and some scenes just really look awkward in animation no matter what I do/use. Any way to help this?

Thanks in advance. I use ImageReady 8
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Photoshop layer effects

Hi everyone!

I have a question regarding photoshop.

My friend recently asked me if I knew how to create "effect" layers. He wanted to know how to create a different layer for filter effects such as blur, sharpen, etc. He wants to be able to hide or reveal these filter effects by hiding or revealing their corresponding layers.

I was a bit stumped. Does anybody know of a good way of creating filter effect layers like this?

EDIT: I figured it out - you convert the image to a smart object and then use smart filters. This way, you can treat each filter effect as a layer. For anybody else who wants to know how this works, here are great tutorials on smart objects and smart filters:

Great video explaining smart objects (I'm glad I learned about these!)

Tutorial on smart filters:
the dead will walk

help please

I use Photoshop CS2, and for some images, when I attempt to open them up in PS, I end up getting this error message. I have no idea what it means, or if it's even just a problem with the image formats and not PS itself. I'm able to open them up in Paint fine, though, and then can just copy and paste it into a new PS document... Thanks in advance :D

All the images that don't open have .png extensions.

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