July 8th, 2009

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Problems saving in CS2

I use Photoshop CS2 in Windows XP, and recently a problem has arisen. When I hit 'Save' or 'Save As...' or use the shortcut keys for those functions, the program goes haywire. The pointer alternates between the arrow and the hourglass, and the top bar changes from dark blue (denoting an active program) to light blue (an inactive program). The only way to fix it is to right click on the program in the task bar and minimize it, but when I try to save again it does the same thing.

Has anyone encountered this problem before or have any ideas of how to fix it without exiting the program? Is there any way to save the icon I just finished? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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I'm using imageready CS2.
When I open a .gif file, sometimes they appear to be very low quality, and I find that if I change the reduction style, the quality becomes much better.
So I'm wondering which reduction style is the best to make animated icons?
I always use Selective, but I think Perceptual and Adaptive are also okay. So I'm not sure what's the difference between them?

Colour Sampler Tool-Curves

Program: Photoshop CS4

Problem: Colour Sampler Tool - curves

I've used this before with CS3, but because it's been a while and the fact that there are minor changes in CS4, I can't figure it out.

I'm trying to change the skin tone in one picture from another and the way I used to do it was using the colour sampling tool and curves.


As per screenshot, I know figures 1 are the target picture and figures 2 is the reference picture. However, I can't remember the difference between the numbers on either side of the slash (/) and how they relate to the figures for the curves. What's the difference between input and output?

I used to have a very nice tutorial but I can't find it anymore and I can't even describe it properly such that my google/photoshop searches have completely failed. So help greatly appreciated!

Brushes malefunction

I'm using Photoshop CS3.

After I installed these brushes the standard brushes in Photoshop duplicated, so I deleted the duplications.

Now none of these brushes looks like they're supposed to, for example: the soft brushes look like I'm using the pencil tool and I can't get them to look soft again. I've tried different configurations for over an hour now and nothing works.

screen cap 1024x768

Edit: every single brush looks as scattered as the brush in the sample screen cap.

Son of Edit: quickly solved thanks to pensnest. It was set to Mode: Dissolve, which was the problem.
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Whenever I crop an image in Photoshop (CS2), the very edges of it become transparent. It's only really visible when I zoom in but I was just wondering if anyone knew how to fix this? Thanks in advance :)