July 9th, 2009


Animated video icons with GIMP using GAP

This is my first tutorial posted here, so I'm very nervous...

I'm going to show you how I made this icon:

Using GIMP 2.6 and the GAP plug-in.

Level: Intermediate (you'll need to know your way around GIMP, or failing that, possess a lot of patience/drive.)

This is a very lengthy tutorial, because (no two ways about it) making animated icons is extremely time consuming. I love them, though, so I spend the time trying to make the best ones I can. And I'm always searching for ways to improve.

(NOTE: You will need to download and install GAP and the bug fixes before using this tutorial. An alternative way of making animated icons is to take frame-by-frame screen caps. If you find installing and/or using GAP too confusing, you might want to try this tutorial, and pick back up at Step 4.)

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Coloring Modes

I recently switched my graphic stuff over to a different computer (a PC) from my laptop (a Mac).  I didn't realize before what a difference it makes in how the graphics look.  I'll make an icon on the PC that looks bright and vibrant and that looks bright and vibrant on my mom's computer monitor (computer also a desktop PC), but, once it's uploaded to Photobucket and I look at it on my Mac, it looks rather washed out, at least in comparison.  Since two computers/monitors cause the icons to look one way, and my laptop causes them to look the other way, I'm thinking that whichever settings came as defaults with my Mac are probably not shared by the majority of computers, and, as a result, I should change the settings on my Mac so that I can see icons (and potentially make stuff there) in the same way that other icon makers and viewers would be seeing them.  My laptop's default color display was Color LCD, which looks the most similar to Generic RGB.  When I changed it to Adobe RGB, Apple RGP, sRGBIEC61966-2.1, among others, the icons looked the most similar to how they look on the aforementioned PCs.  I don't want to be in a situation where I finagle my icons to look just so on my computer, but they look too bright or too dull to most viewers or voters. 

So my question -- in general, which color settings (computer-wise) do you guys thing are best to work with?  Which color settings are most often used by fanartists? 

(Sorry if this question has been asked before.  I checked the archives, but couldn't find anything, though I'm not quite sure if I was looking in the right folders.  If there is something in the archives that deals with this, I would be very grateful to anyone who could point me to that entry.)
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Texture/Mask Queston...

My first post here, I think I'm doing this right ;D

I recently downloaded some textures from dearest , here are two examples:


Now I'm kind of a 'noob' at icon making, but I know most masks go on easily if they're black... if you know what I'm saying. How would I get these on my icon without messing it up, like which settings? I use Paint Shop Pro 9 just so you know. All help is appreciated! :D


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hey does anyone out there know how to get the following effect:

i know i've seen this before but don't remember what makes it. what i tried was duplicating the base and using the threshold setting then putting the layer on darken and lowering the opacity. it looks close but isn't exactly what i'm looking for. i think there might be another setting or better way to get this. i'm using psp 9 btw and thanks to any helpers out there. :)
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Alrighty, so thanks to a few amazing tuts in this comm, I've figured out 1) an easy way to get still frames of a video without having to screen cap each frame by hand and 2) how to create various wonderful effects. I want to be able to combine everything and make minimovie icons but I have an issue. I've checked the memories and tags but can't find anything that addresses this specifically.

Because I have PSE 6 for Mac, thanks to a bug that I can't fix, I can't change the delay time so my animations won't be timed properly BUT I have Animation Shop 3 and can just change the timing there so that's fine really. I don't mind making the icon in PSE6 and changing the time in Animation Shop but I can't edit every frame in one shot. I make a New Adjustment Layer but when I save for web as a gif, it's like the adjustment layer isn't there and the effect don't get saved.

So my question is: how do I fix that OR how can I easily change each layer? Any help/suggestions would be wonderful :)