July 10th, 2009

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Can someone point me out to tutorials for manga icons you know like animated black and white. Like this.

I want to give them color or something. I don't want to leave it just black and white. So a some tutorials would help.

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Flower tutorial

I originally made this tutorial for the community severalplums (where the winner of a challenge needs to post a tutorial for their winning icon), and because I liked this icon of mine I decided to post it here too.

I am using Photoshop 7,0 ME and there are Curves, Brightness and Contrast and Hue/Saturation used in this tutorial.

We're going from Photobucket to Photobucket

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I've had this problem numerous times before, and I used to just let it fix itself before, which luckily it did.

As you can see, my font size is set to a small number, but it comes out looking huge. Anyone know how to fix it? I've re-started both Photoshop (7.1) and my computer, but now it doesn't seem to want to auto-fix.

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I'm not German...

Hello, Well I am a big fan of the-Peril.com's textures and I found a tutorial on there for Photoshop (which I use) and it is in all german. Even when I try to translate it, it made no sense. I do really want to figure this out though because it is gorgeous!

Tutorial here:

Could someone help me?

Thanks in advance,
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