July 13th, 2009

TRNS ; Wheee!

PSP 9 Problem!

Hiya! I'm asking this question on behalf of the Motherunit, as I've trawled through all of the solutions I can think of and come up with nothing. I recently installed Paint Shop Pro 9 on her Windows Vista laptop, but whenever she loads up folders on the Browse panel, the thumbnails therein all come up in black and white. Or, she'll load up a folder and some of them will come up in black and white with the rest in colour - or, she'll load up a folder and the majority of the thumbnails are in black and white, with a few of them in colour. The pictures themselves, when she opens them, are absolutely fine. I've gone through all of the menus and searched on Google and all of the Jasc help pages with not much luck. Does anybody know what's going on? Any light on the matter would be greatly appreciated. =)

Question about programs

Ok, my English sucks, so forgive me about any mistakes.

Well, I wanna know how program do you use to take screencaps from files .avi. I looked on the memories a long time ago and found a good program in a mini-movie tutorial, but my pc brakes and I lost it. So, I looked again and the tutorial wasn’t there anymore. This program i'm talking about can take various screencaps at once and can put all they in a file automatically. If I remember the name of the program is “Grab-Something-I-Don’t-Remember” or  “Something-I-Don’t-Remember-Grab”, I don’t know.

Sorry if isn’t clear and thanks so much for help.

Solved!!!!! Thank you guys for all help. <3

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