July 14th, 2009

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  • j_ia

Hand Tool Error

My photoshop works normally in the beginning when i first open it. However, after sometime when i began to switch in between windows for example (Internet and MSN), and when i get back to photoshop, the mouse icons would turn into the hand tool. Whatever tool that i try to click, for example (Marquee Tool), it does not change to that tool. I can't click anything with the hand tool on. I've to either wait for a long period of time to exit and restart photoshop again or either reboot the whole computer. It's really troublesome when i'm in the midst of creating something.

Anyone can help please? I'm using photoshop cs3 btw. Thank you very much.
Wonder Woman

text error - GIMP 2.6

I recently downloaded some fonts and while I was able install them in the main fonts folder in Windows, they aren't showing up in the GIMP text list. I checked the archives but I couldn't find the solution. Could anybody let me know why these are not showing up and if there's anyway I could fix this?

Thanks. I use GIMP 2.6. and Windows xp.