July 19th, 2009

Animation in PS CS4

Can anyone help me out, I'm looking for a tutorial explaining how to create animated icons in Adobe Photoshop CS4?

It would be a great help!

EDIT: I've now successfully managed this thanks to the tutorial suggested by papercherries, my next question is how to upload the .gif file and embed it into an lj post or a user info...

Icon Tutorial #12 feat. FLOW

made this tutorial for friends @ flow-generation.com. its for noobs, basically. so if youre a noob try it out XD ....and watch [info]vanilla_scandal

Program: Photoshop CS
Steps: 5
Translatable: Yes
PSD: yep!
Works best with black and white images but color ones are ok too.

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More Examples:
True Blood Lips

Best Screen Cap programs for MACS (For making Animated GIFS)

I can't for the life of me find a good (free) program (MAC compatible) that can take mutiple screen caps to make animated gifs.

I currently use ImageReady to animate and InstantShot! to take screencaps. However InstantShot! isn't terribly accurate while taking screen caps. No matter how much I tamper with the settings, the gifs turn out much choppier than I'd like, because the frames aren't always taken at equal intervals.

I know a lot of PC users use KMplayer or VirtualDub to grab frames and the gifs seem to turn out amazing; really fluid, smooth moving gifs. However neither of these programs are compatible with Macs.

If any anyone can give me some tips for good screen capping programs for making gifs (or any gif tips in general when it comes to Macs), I'd really, really appreciate it!

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Can someone find a tutorial explaining how to do icons like this one?

And I have to say I've never done any animation in my life, so it has to be really well explained from the beggining :/
I use CS3, but I can download others programs if necessary.

Thanks in advance!

Animated icons

So i want to know a good programme to make animated icons. I have Paint Shop Pro X-2 for coloring.
Also i've downloaded Animation Shop 3 but i really don't like to make the screencaps somewhere else and then bring them to AS3.

Does anyone know any programme that doesn't need the screencaps? You know... Just working with parts of the video? Thanks!