July 20th, 2009

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Tutorial - Eric Minne - Blending in Photoshop: CS2

I was making this icon and I thought I would make a tutorial for it because it's actually pretty simple.

Made in Photoshop:CS2. I'm pretty sure it's translatable to other programs, but there will be detailed instructions for Photoshop: CS2 in this tut.

What you will learn:
How to crop an image, How to make an image black and white, How to blend using the "add Vector mask", How to use the "feather tool", How to use the "polygonal lasso tool"
How to use light textures.

This tutorial is extremely detailed and explains how to use the tools as well as explaining why I'm using certain techniques. It seems like a lot of steps for one little icon, but once you know how to use the tools it takes no time at all to make.

We are going to make this icon:

From these two images:
click for larger image

Let's get started.

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Please let me know if this tutorial was helpful.

If there are any parts that are not clear or you have a question please don't hesitate to ask.

The icon is up for adoption with credit.

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So I've had a repeating problem with my photoshop CS4. Some times when I open up images to edit they will be darker then how they look in preview or when I view them in finder. I've tried looking at color settings but I've changed it all around but still it's the same.

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Coloring Guide

I am new here and am looking for a coloring guide I saw a while ago before signing up. It teaches you how to blend colors with icon photos. Like reds, exclusion and etc. I have been looking at the memory guide and have added some guides under my memory stuff . However, I still can not quite find what I am looking for. It's very long and is a basic help guide. Thanks in advance.

Problem with rotated cropping in PS CS3

It's been a while since it happened, but I haven't quite used the crop tool in that way since (having grown cautious)... anyway: some time ago I was eliminated from a lims because (as pretty much every single negative comment said) my aspect ratio was off. I didn't see it, but the fact that so many commented on it (and the fact that I know that I'm very good at missing it if it's less than a certain degree) make me believe that it's true.

It being a lims, the image was chosen by the mod and the only thing I did to it that could have screwed up the aspect ratio was cropping. I had rotated the crop though (selecting the crop and rotating it before hitting enter)... I've had it happen that cropping like that screwed up the aspect ratio badly enough that even I could see it. So, my question is if anybody else has/had that problem and if there's a way to fix this? Aside from simply not rotating while cropping that is.

Anyway, I use PS CS3.