July 24th, 2009

Patterns in Photoshop

I used to use Gimp, but now I've  switched to Photoshop CS4 Extended.  In Gimp, I could select a file to hold all my patterns, whether they be jpg or png or pat.  I don't have many pat, but many jpg & png.  I was wondering is there any way to batch add the pictures/textures to my pattern file.  I know about edit>define pattern.. but I have tons of textures.  I don't have that kind of time...lol.

Problem with Actions

I've made custom actions, and I have also downloaded some as well. With both of the actions, sometimes I get pop ups that say a certain layer is unavailable. Is there something wrong with the way I am using the actions? I've checked the memories and I couldn't find anything about this specifically. It's just annoying that I can never achieve the same coloring as when I first made the action :/
Thanks for any help!

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