July 29th, 2009


I wanna start photoshoping/manips and i'm looking to try something like this or maybe something were you place different heads like this and i really wanna learn. I'm hoping someone out there has a good tutorial i'm a slow learner for my age and nothing to hard would be great, thanks :D Also, i'm using photoshop cs4 extended just in case you need to know :)
Thanks for you help.

me made naruto - zabuza

Question, please help??

ok I really need help in this:
I've got a mac, and I use photoshop CS2. When i make some graphics be it icons or cards or whatever, they turn out so beautiful and colorful and vibrant, but when i upload them on photobucket to put them on livejournal or use them elsewhere, they become a bit washed out. Not low quality, just washed out and all the vibrance and the bright colors are gone.
I've tried Save for Web, but that just washes them out in the exact same way, so i continued to save them as .png instead.
Can anyone please tell me what to do??
Help is very appreciated :)

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I just downloaded Adobe photoshop CS. I love it and have been playing with it constantly the past couple of days. I'm having trouble giving an image its own layer. I can make a background layer and a background layer copy but whenever I try to put an image in a layer it says Layer 0 and closes up. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your help.