July 30th, 2009

crownlet icons 3.

photoshop error.

adobe photoshop does this really odd thing to me every so often where the font size ratio changes to ridiculous proportions. for example, the paragraph i am writing right now would be about size 10 font, correct? well, in photoshop, the size is about 1276 pt. font. i have to make the font size 500 to get it to equal a 10 pt. font. why is this?
Danny Cavanagh - See You

Tutorial #19 [Michael Jackson]

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Made in PS7. Somewhat translatable if you don't mind not having vibrant colour or use it on a black and white photo. Uses curves, selective colour, levels and textures. Works best on images with a good bit of blue in the background, or black and white photos.

Other examples:

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02: Fashion Tutorial (Coloured/B&W)

Today, I created a tutorial with two variations of an icon.

Of course this isn't only limited to fashion bases, you can try it on just about anything. Remember, play around with the settings that best suits your image! It doesn't hurt to experiment a little :D

Program: Photoshop CS2
Steps: 5 (plus 3 optional steps)
Translatable: I don't think so, unless you have selective colouring.
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
PSD: Included, but please comment for password.

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Other examples (with slight tweaks):

PSD HERE. You have to comment for the password. Comments, feedback, concrits are all welcome. Hopefully this tutorial helps ;p
(Post will remain public for an undecided amount of time for you to download the PSD)