August 5th, 2009

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tutorial: stargate atlantis // textures & text

A tutorial requested by library_of_sex for an icon from this post.


Photoshop CS3, probably easily translatable.
Intermediate difficulty

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I hope you like this and it's helpful.

I will not give out the psd, so please do not ask. I have taken the time to write out all the stops and why I did them, and it is my belief that is far more useful for learning than the PSD would be.

Originally posted here at iconzero.


I'm trying to make icons using screencaps like this from Classic Doctor Who, and while a lot of the colorings I use for New Who work just fine on, say, her hair and background, I find that almost any coloring style that uses a lot of contrast usually results with her skin looking almost sheet white. And I find that this usually ends up being true with almost any cap I use of any character from those episodes. I think it must be a way in which they did the lighting back then, but I don't know.

Point being, is there anyway to go about fixing this? Anyway to give her a bit more color so that she doesn't end up looking like a vampire every time? Or, you know, just any kind of tuts or colorings that work well on these sorts of images. I'm using Photoshop 7, by the way.
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help please?

i'm trying to make an HDR picture like this, and i'm using this tutorial, but i'm stuck on step one.
after i click "merge to hdr" this pops up. i've tried it with a bunch of different pictures but it keeps saying that.
any idea what to do?
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