August 7th, 2009

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Question about .GIFS

Hello all, I use Photoshop CS3 and VLC (1.0 for MAC) I have two questions:

1. What do you guys suggest as the recommended number of "frames" to compose a .gif from screen caps? I know that one little movement can have as much as 100 frames depending on how the screencaps were achieved ie holding the screencap buttons down in VLC...but that is way too much I know:

2. What about .gif icons? How many frames do you recommend for these? I know it's a lot smaller due to the 40 kb restriction.

Thanks in advance!

Help please?

So my friend made a tutorial on how to make .gif's but I'm using CS3 and she's using CS4 extended, and when the tutorial says;

Step 11:
Open up your photoshop cs4 (or lower, if this works not sure)
Window > Animation > File > your animation/video you just made for for animation

When I got to open up my clip for my animation it won't let me open it up because it's a video file, but I'm trying to make it into an animation.

If that make's any sense could you help me out please? I'd appreciate it so much.

EDIT: So I was told how to open it, and it worked, but all my layers were blank, and I don't know why.

HELP to me please!

I try to find these effects ! Effects what is  on the pictures on these blends.

The effects on Demi and Shenae.

Sorry i'm aren't english or american .
And i can't write in english so good, but i hope you can understand that :)

and thank you if you can help to me (LLL)


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