August 8th, 2009

  • foukay

03: soft vintage colouring

Okay, this was out of pure experimenting. This is what I'll be doing today:

Program: Photoshop CS2
Steps: 7
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Translatable: No
PSD: None. Please do not ask.

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Other examples include:

*note: please do not ask for a psd. Comments and feedback and concrit is always welcome however. (:

PLEASE COMMENT IN THIS (click on "this") ENTRY. Helps me keep track :3 But I will lock it in 5 days and then you may direct comments here at icon_tutorial.

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I have some problems with my Photoshop Cs3, so i have two questions;

1. When i'm reading a coloring tutorial sometimes on the end of the tut it says "duplicate the base and bring it to the top".
I always make the tut as an action, and when i play it; the duplicated layer ends up as a duplicated selective color layer or something else i've used before in the tut.
So how can i make it work properly?

2. I can't copy and paste in my photoshop! I always have to open a new document and paste it into it. Should that be necessary?  
Wonder Woman

paintbrush tool problem - SOLVED.


I'm using Paint Shop Pro version ten and I'm having a problem with it.

My problem is that whenever I make a raster layer for an image, I'm unable to use the paint brush tool on it in any color except white. I dont why is this and before I use the tool, I make sure I pick the color I want but the color dosen't show up. Instead the white color appears.

Could anybody let me know how I could fix this? I would very much appreciate it.
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Font on Icon Post that took me 3 hours

This was a requested tutorial and I am always criticizing about overpowering text on icons at good_coloring So I was going to show how I determine my text on an icon. This is a rather lengthy tutorial and there will be no .psd. Its good to be in a learning mood to attempt this tutorial because I explain things. At least I hope I explained things well and thoroughly enough for you. If not please feel free to ask questions. ^_^ I really would like to help.

Yes, this is image heavy.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS2

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Phew. That was long. Again, if there's any confusion please let me know. :)