August 10th, 2009

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Tutorial: How to create an animation in Photoshop CS3

How to make a coloured, animated gif in Photoshop CS3 (ETA: I use Extended version of PS CS 3) out of an actual video clip (no screencaps needed).

From a video (Criminal Minds, 1x10) to t h i s and

This tutorial includes: cropping, colouring, rendering, minimizing and converting a video to a gif in a handful of steps.

Beware: Large graphics behind the cut.

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I looked in the memories, but it didn't seem to be there. I'll kick myself for not knowing, but please help!

How do I open a .gif in Photoshop CS 3 and get the frames to show up? Even with animation window open, all that shows up is a static image. (No frames are there)

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I'm almost positive that I've seen similar problems addressed before, but after searching through the memories, I can't find the posts for the life of me, so apologies if this is redundant. Whenever I save a .png file, whether it be under "Save as..." or "Save for Web and Devices...", the uploaded version of the image is significantly less saturated than the original.

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I use PS CS4, run on Mac OS X and use Firefox. I've had this problem since switching to Mac, but it's become much more obvious lately so I'm finally giving in and asking for help. I don't know if it's a PS, Mac or Firefox problem so I don't even know what to try anymore. I've tried every different setting that I can think of, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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04: vintage colouring

Decided to post all my tutorials here at vous_le_savez  (: So here's a tutorial:

So um, if you can tell by my previous tutorial, I seem to have a thing for vintage colourings ><"

Program: Photoshop CS2
Steps: 6
Difficulty: Easy
Translatable: Yep, to gimp (:
PSD: None, this is fairly easy enough to follow, so please do not ask.

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Other Examples:

Please direct all comments, feedback, and concrits here at vous_le_savez .
Cherry Blossoms

GIMP: Mosaic Effect

Tutorial Type: Filters/Special Effects for Images
Program: GIMP 2.6.2
Steps: 3-4
Difficulty: EASY
Translatable: Most likely, please let me know if you have another program >__<
Summary: GIMP already has its own "mosaic effect" (Filters>>Distorts>>Mosaic), but I find their version very ugly.  I think this one is much prettier.  This tutorial is very handy, because you can pretty much use it for anything- icons, wallpapers, banners, or whatever you want.  I am pretty sure this is translatable, but if it is not, then please inform me.

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