August 11th, 2009


My problem is that i have some icons ( textures or pictures ) whn i try to use or edit them, PS doesn't allow me , and i really dont know y and whn i open a picture it appears at the bottom written beside it ( Index ) instead of (background) and i can not change anything in the pic whn that happens 
so plz help, i have many icons having the same problem  
i use PS CS4
Thnx in advance

this is one of the icons that have the problem whn i open it in PS
Hayley purple t-shirt

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I have a problem.
I've flicked through the memories but can't see anything :/
Basically, whenever I add/create any actions, or brushes they disappear when I next open PS.
It's really really really annoying and I have no idea why it does it.
Now I've started saving any actions or brushes I make but it takes too long to keep uploading them everytime I open PS.

I use PS CS3

Any help or suggestions?

Thanks in advance xo

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Okay, well I'm looking to try and make some text icons, but I'm USELESS at finding suitable textures to use as a background. They're always too.. BUSY and just look bleh. :(

Any help? A point int he right direction? Thanks.:)