August 15th, 2009

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Need Help With Animated Scrolling Text

I have managed to create a basic animated icon with scrolling text. Nothing fancy, just a < marquee > effect.

But it is very sluggish. It judders along. I think it's because the 'Delay' is set to 0.2, but for some reason my PS Elements 4.0 wont let me change that time delay...

Am I missing a setting somewhere???

What can I do to make the test scroll smoothly?

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Teen Wolf - (502) Malia driving

SPN CS3 tutorial using gradient maps

This was created in CS3 and uses gradient maps. Difficulty from 1-10: probably a 4-5?

See this tutorial posted in its original entry for more comments or to request a tutorial.

Please do not ask for a .psd. If I can take the time to write out all the steps in detail, you can take the time to read them over and try them.

Go from to

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And that's that, short and sweet!

effect help.

i know he has a dvd for this, but i'm NOT spending 180 bucks for it.
anyway. i talked to adam elmakias a couple days ago on myspace and i asked him how to get the effects on his photos. he told me 'lighting and editing' cause he obv. wanted me to buy the dvd. ;P
so i rely on you guys now. i need some help here.  how would you go about making the effect on this picture? and i mean like coloring wise. like using burn tool, etc.

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Is there anyone who could make a tutorial for this kinda of graphics please.

without the light in the way, just like big writings with a picture in the back of it,
if you know what i mean :)