August 18th, 2009

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Poster look

Hello, I'm looking for tutorials and ways of doing this effect.

This is actually a cap from a trailer, but is there a way of making something like that? The background is probably a texture, but how can I make a face just like in this icon?

I have PS7

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Sorry to bother but forever ago I saw a post I thought was here. It showed how to turn blonde or light hair into darker hair. I believe they used a Hilary Duff picture as the sample. I could of sworn I memoried it but I can't seem to find it. If anyone could help out with the link or how to do it that would be great thanks!
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Animation icon help

Hey, guys. I need some help, please.

I've been trying to make animated icons and bars in Image Ready CS. It used to be that if I played the frames at 0 (no delay), the image would move really fast. Now it's barely creeping along, even set to 0 (no dealy). The speeds are all wrong. It doesn't matter if the animation has 10 frames or 100 frames, regardless of size, it's the same way. I have no idea why this is happening since I've never messed with the settings. I've tried the following steps already, but they haven't solved the problem:

1-wiping the prefrences and resetting everything to default
2-uninstalling and reinstalling (both image ready and photoshop)

Any ideas how to solve this issue so I can get back to making animated icons? Thank you!