August 21st, 2009

Making transitions in GIMP

I believe they are called 'transitions'. I have GIMP and I made this animated icon.

Does someone know how to create 'transitions' in GIMP so the last frame kind of blends in with the first and it won't look too disturbing?

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Does anyone know a good tut?

I've done my Googling and memory search. At least I hope I did it right.

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So for some reason when I go to save my pictures in cs4 it seems to save correctly but when I go to upload them, they're not in the folder. I'm new to cs4 because I used to use cs3, but am I doing something wrong, or is they're a way I can fix it?
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ps cs3

I start using ps cs 3 (I used to use ps cs2) and I am little confused. When I want to make animated icons I used to choose Import from folder but I couldn't find a thing in cs3 ? and I can't tween my first capture to last one ? somebody help?