August 22nd, 2009

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Hello! I'm new to this community although I've been lurking for more than a year. I need help so I've decided to come out of the shadows! I like to set myself challenges once in a while when working with photoshop to try to discover by myself how a certain effect or coloring has been created by a certain maker. The problem is that I've been stuck on the same challenge for months now. I just cannot find how to create the type of coloring where one or two colors become dominant in a picture, while retaining some of its original colors. Here's some examples of what I'm talking about: (pink dominant color) (brown dominant color)Collapse )

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Transition tutorial

I had an animation but I thought it was really ugly without the transitions. So, I started to toy around with GIMP, and found out what I can do.

Before:                                                             After:

First tutorial I ever made.

Made in: GIMP
Translatable: Yes
Difficulty: Easy
Steps: 5

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brush problem?

when i start up photoshop and i go to make a new document with brushes on it, it will let me select a brush and color and size and everything, but when i go to put it on the document, it doesn't show up. at the top of the screen, where it has the tabs, it adds a star next to the text, but other than that, it does nothing, and i'm not quite sure why. if anyone has ideas as to why the brushes aren't working, help would be greately apprectiated [: