August 25th, 2009


looking for this filter/effect


I got a quick question but it's nagging me for a while now; i thought I knew that there is a filter/effect to create such pictures...

somehow I can't seem to find it >.<

would there be someone who could kindly tell me where to find such filter/effect .. or tutorials for it!? 

any program would be fine, maybe there is such option in adobe after effects??

thank you

Gah :|

Okay, for a while now I have been trying to make an animated gif icon.
Just a gif, for my account, etc.

And I am completely frustrated.
I have looked for tutorials and followed them to the letter,
but every time I do, something is wrong or it won't open.

Can someone please help me?

I am trying to make it on Photoshop Cs4,
since that is the only program I trust.

I am...desperate xD
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Disney - Cinderella is a good finder :3

Yet another animation question...

I'm trying to make a mini-movie icon. I understand how to do it, and I have the files on my computer ready to import into Photoshop CS3.

My problem is that when I import the movie into Photoshop, the image doesn't show up. All you can see is white:

Collapse )
I've tried it with a few other movies (.avi), and none of them have worked. However, I did once use a different file extension (I can't remember which one; for all I know it could've also been .avi), and it worked fine. It says that Photoshop accepts .avi files, so why doesn't the image show up?

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.PSD problems!

To make a long story short, I created a coloring to make yellow screencaps look less yellow, and I saved it as a .PSD so that I could test it on more.

Well, my computer was starting to lag so I decided to restart after saving it. When I finally got everything back up and got into photoshop to open the .PSD file it turned out to be an old .PSD file I swore I saved over.

I said yes to replacing the file.

I made sure it was a .PSD.

And I made sure that it was fully saved before restarting.

What could I have done wrong?

I saved a few of the results gotten from the coloring, so is there any way to open that file and find out what steps I had gone through to get the result? Or am I SOL so to speak; having to start from scratch?

Thanks in advance!

Edit; I was completely stupid and opened the wrong .PSD file. :(