August 26th, 2009


Tips for a beginner?

So, I just recently got Photoshop c3s and animation pro and I'd like to learn how to make icons and animated gifs(I don't think Photoshop makes .gifs, right?)

I'd like to start learning the basics and making my way up. Basically I know nothing and everything is beyond confusing and difficult, especially for a procrastinator like myself. Can someone just take the time to help me, show me the basics or what exactly I'd need to know to make my way up? I'd be eternally grateful. I'm not asking for a licture or anything haha, I'm just asking for some help on getting on the right track, or showing me where I'd find these kinda things in this comm? I'm not exactly LJ savvy :D

Thanks for your time :)
XMFC: E & C on steps

Basics of Color Distortion by Adjustment Type


First of all, I apologize if this was in the archive.  I did my best to find it there first, checking about half of the entries in the coloring section, but could easily have been looking in the wrong section and/or missed it there. 

I've been playing around with color quite a bit and, through my own playing around and through reading tutorials, have realized that different adjustments, particularly those regarding color, often tend to distort the image.  I was wondering if there is any guide/tutorial (or just someone willing to explain it in the comments) regarding what are essentially the pros and cons of each adjustment tool (i.e. selective coloring, color balance, channel mixer, etc.).  I know I've seen my images looking oversharpened as a result of coloring, but I'm never quite sure what it is that's causing that distortion.  I've also heard proponents of channel mixing argue that it's better than selective coloring because it doesn't "add" color as selective coloring does. 

So, basically, what are the problems one is likely to run into as a result of using particular color adjustment tools?

Which coloring tools are prone to hurting image quality in any way (be it distortion, blurring, oversharpening, etc.) and how?

(If it's alright, I'm cross-posting this to icon_talk.)


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Hair Brushes

I recently downloaded some hair Photoshop brushes (into GIMP, which accepts the .abr format).  They're basically little curls or flourishes of hair that (at least I assume this is the use) can be added to a person's hair to make it look fancier.  I've tried adding one of these brushes on the black bob of a woman in an icon, and it worked quite nicely.  What I can't figure out is, how can I make the brush color match the color of, say, someone with blond or brunette hair?  I can't just pick a shade from the hair and apply the brush in that color, as it'd look fake.  If it helps, here are some brushes similar to the ones I have installed (I can't seem to find the original brush set).

I use GIMP 2.6.6.

Thanks in advance for any help!