September 4th, 2009

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hi. i checked the memories and found this post:

it explains what to do when you have an unwanted anti-alias border on crops in PSP. except i have it in photoshop cs3 and i can't see any way to fix it. obviously the method for PSP either doesn't work or the options are hidden well enough that i can't find them.


before flattening - after flattening (better but not gone entirely)

edit: it looked better in ps but looks about the same now. also the border doesn't show up black on the comm's colour scheme so view the entry by itself to see it better.

side effects

Icon Organization

I had a shufti at the memories and didn't see this being discussed before, so I'm just wondering: how do you organize your icons?  Not resources, but icons that are done?  I'd like to learn about the systems other icon-makers use, so I can work out my own.  Right now I just shove everything that's done into one folder, but as the number of icons increases I'd like to organize them somehow.  I don't make a lot of icons for any particular fandom, I just icon whatever takes my fancy (I have about 10 Harry Potter icons saved, 1 Julie & Julia icon, 1 Audrey Tautou icon,  2 Scaredy Squirrel icons, etc.).  Also, I've recently begun to participate in some icontests, so I'd like to know how you organize your entries for those, as well. 

I'd be glad to read about how you organize your finished icons, and would like some suggestions on how to organize mine.

Thanks in advance!

(I can't imagine how this'd be useful, but just in case: I use GIMP 2.6.6 and Windows XP.)

P.S. Mods, I hope this isn't considered a  "broad, unfocused discussion of graphics".  If it is, please feel free to delete.